project 4

nextup: prioritisation tool

Nextup is a UX / product prioritisation tool that uses a 2-by-2 matrix to prioritise projects based on their complexity and the value they will add to the business.

The tool allows users to assign an estimate for the value the project would add to the business, and an estimate for the degree of difficulty involved in executing on the project. The projects are then plotted on to a chart and are grouped in to:

  1. Quick wins
  2. Longer term projects
  3. Filler projects
  4. Won’t do

You can then share the chart with stakeholders and/or use it to present and discuss prioritisation with teams.


Solving my problems

When deciding on what order to work on projects, I find it useful to use a simple 2-by-2 prioritisation technique when planning with stakeholders. However, it can be a tedious process when using tools like PowerPoint or InDesign to create the charts. Having researched the market, I could find no tools that existed that would do the job I needed.

I therefore thought it would be interesting to design my own application to make the task easier. I came up with a brand identity and built a high-fidelity prototype. The project is still in the proof of concept stage.